Chicago Based

Woman Owned

Sweets Obsessed

Est. 1979

JR Dessert Bakery is a commercial bakery in Chicago that's been baking gourmet desserts that look as good as they taste for 40 years. All of our desserts are handmade with high quality and all-natural ingredients.

We primarily cater to the wholesale needs of well-known restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, grocery stores, event spaces and other food service businesses around the Chicagoland area. We also have a wide range of private-label clients who rely on us to develop and create their custom baked goods. Plus, we welcome anyone with a sweet tooth into our West Rogers Park store where customers can feast on a selection of daily specials.

JR Dessert Bakery is WBE certified by the City of Chicago. 

The bakery was originally founded in 1979 by Janet Rosing, a graduate of Chicago’s Art Institute who learned how to bake from her mother. JR is a talented pastry chef with decades of experience in the industry. JR continues to run the business alongside her daughter Natalie. Natalie first started working for her mom as a young girl at Chicago's famous food festival - Taste of Chicago - and joined the team full time in 2015. The two have a special relationship with their dedicated team of bakers who work tirelessly, laugh often and taste-test every day!

We at JR Dessert Bakery have a true passion for desserts that we hope to share with you.