Amazon Sells JR Desserts on Treasure Trucks Nationwide

Amazon and JR Dessert Bakery have teamed up to sell specialty desserts on their Treasure Trucks nationwide!

We have been providing handmade and all-natural desserts to food service businesses around the Chicagoland area since 1979. We cater to some of the city’s most popular restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and event venues. Since our team primarily focuses on wholesale we were ecstatic to partner with Amazon on this huge retail deal.

The Treasure Truck is one of Amazon’s newest ways to shop. Here’s how it works: Amazon hand picks what they want to sell on their trucks, millions of customers who are signed up for the app get a text revealing that day’s specific offer, then they buy it online and pick it up from one of the trucks. The concept is supposed to be like finding a hidden treasure.

For their first offer in 2018 we made a custom cheesecake - ½ plain and ½ chocolate chip - for the big event. The offer went live on trucks in 18 different cities around the country including Chicago. Then this March we partnered for a second deal selling giant chocolate chip brownies. That deal went live in 25 cities, quickly selling out in the majority of them within hours.

Amazon announces what is on the Treasure Truck the morning of the big sale, so you never know what is coming next!

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